The VETTED Management Team is built from a roster of top executives with decades of experience in the oil and gas construction services industry. We pride ourselves in the relationships we have forged in the hundreds of projects we have successfully managed in our field.

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Identifying vendor risk is paramount. Are you sure you have the right vendor for the job? Most procurement processes do not take the time or provide a mechanism to mitigate risk.

False & Incomplete Data

Supplier data is often outdated, incomplete and misleading. The suppliers objective is to get the job, so they may not provide all the necessary data to properly evaluate their history or performance.

Lack of Resources

Resource strapped departments make it difficult to keep up with demand, leaving procurement departments ill-equipped to identify and verify if the supplier has the ability to do the project on time and within budget.


Accountability is difficult to track and evaluate, leading to the hiring of subpar suppliers which can cause delays and cost overruns.


Lack of real time intercompany communication leads to ill-timed, inaccurate vendor evaluations causing further mistakes in the procurement process.