The VETTED Management Team is built from a roster of top executives with decades of experience in the oil and gas construction services industry. We pride ourselves in the relationships we have forged in the hundreds of projects we have successfully managed in our field.

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Eliminating Risk & Cost

We bring high quality, safe, and fully VETTED suppliers to your door – FREE OF CHARGE – using our 10-point evaluating system, allowing you to make the very best choices for your specific criteria.

Comprehensive Products & Skill Sets

The VETTED Network is vast and diverse. Our Contractors / Suppliers cover every need you have or require.

A+ Contractors / Suppliers

We carefully VET, rate, and handpick “Top Performance” members of the VETTED Network. Our process is unmatched in the background information we demand from our members, making selection decisions easy for you.

Free for Asset Managers

Asset Managers are the lifeblood of our process; without you, there are no opportunities. Our services are always free for you.

Reliable & Consistent Results

VETTED delivers outcomes you can count on every time. Our vendor rating process provides reliable and consistent results with a focus on safety, quality, economic stability, and other important considerations.

Secure Information

We never see confidential proposal information. Our job is to provide you the very best VETTED contractors and suppliers. Their job is to win your business. Confidentiality is key, and this policy ensures our service is always honest and unbiased.

Dynamic Resources

Our dynamic network allows us to provide resources at a moment’s notice. We can backfill all your needs.

Inclusive Access

Operator members receive VETTED, top performing, high quality vendors upon request, at no additional charge.

Member Verification

Our process does not solely rely on member supplied data; we go deeper into our members’ qualifications to verify who is the best for the job.

Trackable Metrics

We define trackable metrics based upon your specific criteria, covering the needs of both asset managers and suppliers.

Confidential Service

Discretion, confidentiality, and trust are the backbone of our process. We report to you.