Network Benefits

The VETTED Management Team is built from a roster of top executives with decades of experience in the oil and gas construction services industry. We pride ourselves in the relationships we have forged in the hundreds of projects we have successfully managed in our field.


Consistent Growth

Our network continues to expand daily. Our National Marketing Team never rests and is always securing valuable new partners for your consideration.


Guided Trajectory

We help our clients grow in new areas through the foundation your previous success.


Business Development

Business Development is about relationships, VETTED brings decades of relations to our contractors. Working with current sales and marketing efforts we significantly increase the number of opportunities for our members.


Straightforward Payment

Once VETTED, our members pay a network fee to access the best opportunities from the top asset managers at no charge to the asset


Comprehensive Network

Our network is built through customer-driven criteria to meet company and regulatory requirements.


Top Tier Representation

We represent only the best of both asset managers and contractors/suppliers. We are only as good as our last recommendations.


Confidential Service

Discretion, confidentiality, and trust are the backbone of our process. We report to you.