Our Promise

The VETTED Management Team is built from a roster of top executives with decades of experience in the oil and gas construction services industry. We pride ourselves in the relationships we have forged in the hundreds of projects we have successfully managed in our field.

Your Problem

Managing the avalanche of vendors and submissions for every oil and gas job takes time and money, which can strain your resources. Decision making with limited data and the risk of missing deadlines makes procurement a risky, expensive business.

  1. Risk
  2. False & Incomplete Data
  3. Lack of Resources
  4. Accountability
  5. Communication

Our Solutions

The people, systems, and platform inside VETTED bring a new and better level of efficiency, savings, and productivity not previously available in our industry.

  1. Eliminating Risk & Cost
  2. Comprehensive Products & Skil Sets
  3. A+ Contractor/Suppliers
  4. Free for Asset Manager
  5. Reliable & Consistence Results
  6. Secure Information
  7. Dynamic Resources
  8. Inclusive Access
  9. Member Verification
  10. Trackable Metric
  11. Confidential Services

The Vetted Difference


An in-depth data set from more sources than ever before, available from anywhere at every price.


A platform keyed to deliver environmentally friendly results with no service compromise.


A one stop, comprehensive service and solution. A superior caliber of experience and knowledge.


An unconventional approach that preserves traditional values.