Behavior Based Safety Software

Safework Suite® Behavior Based Safety (BBS) tool captures critical information about a safety event caused by unsafe behaviors that led to or could have led to damage to persons, property, or the environment. It also allows you to record observations where safety rules were followed so that you can give appropriate positive feedback.

Key Features

  • Paperless BBS Card Collection
  • Configurable Categories and Observations
  • BBS Gamification!
  • BBS Card Requirement Tracking
  • Employee Safe Recognition
  • Paper Card Scanning Service Offered
  • Power BI Dashboard
  • Easy Filters & Record Export

Behavior-based observations are a proven process to measure, encourage, and promote a positive safety culture.

The Safework Advantage!

Provide simple documentation of behaviors and the resources and steps required for mitigation

Categorize at-risk findings by barrier type (or reason why the behavior took place)

Allow you to record unsafe conditions that are associated with the unsafe behaviors, as needed

Collect data from observations that is used to continually improve your company’s BBS program as well as document events for HR or legal purposes.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Safety Compliance Software

"A solution for capturing employee BBS"

"We needed a solution to capturing employee Behavior Based Safety Observations in the field when the use of mobile technology while working was prohibited.

​Safework Suite's remote KIOSK feature and card scanning services was just what we needed. Our field technicians reported their observations using custom developed cards, and we scanned them to Safework’s customer service team who entered the data into our system."

Keith N. Safety Manager, Midland, TX

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