Incident Investigation Software

Safework Suite® Incident Investigation tool allows you to record safety incidents (including near misses, fatalities, hospitalizations, wrecks, injuries, and illnesses, etc.) that occur at your workplace involving employees, contractors, and third-parties.

Key Features

  • Allows easy labeling of the incident, including hazard types, activities, and other description fields for easy reporting
  • Provides an easy-to-access, filterable, and exportable database of all incident investigation records
  • Offers many types of reports for monitoring compliance and assessing statistics
  • Allows the assignment of corrective actions and links to other Safework tools for thorough reporting

The IWS allows easy retrieval of incident information and provides thorough reporting capabilities, all at your fingertips, so that you can ensure compliance.

The Safework Advantage!

Aids company efforts to track and monitor safety events in order to find root causes and prevent repeated violations or hazards

Ensures reporting compliance with regulations, corporate policy, and legal requirements ​

Provides critical information for determining root causes through supplemental, detailed forms ​

Gives statistical feedback to supervisors about recurring issues and hazards

Reduces complex and frustrating paper document trails

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Incident Reporting Tool

"Integrated incident management tool provides a uniform process investigations and learning from incidents"

“Spread out over several states and crews working across the county made was impossible for us to keep up with incident reporting and investigations. Now that we are using Safework Suite® incident management tool, our reporting of near misses and incidents have never been so easy and consistent. We have seen an increase reporting and now can easily produce shared learnings for accident reoccurance and prevention. ”

Saul P.

Field Safety Representative - Texas

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