Corrective Action Tracker

Safework Suite® Corrective Action (CA) Tracker captures critical information about a safety event, hazard, condition, or behavior that needs to be corrected and logs the corrective steps at each stage until the problem has been eliminated.

Key Features

  • Links adverse data from other Safework tools directly to corrective actions
  • Assigns completion dates and records completion status as well as any disciplinary action necessary.
  • Provides a workflow for various types of corrective actions, such as quality issues, operation failures, information breakdown, and incompliancen
  • Promotes quick implementation of mitigation measures through easy traceability and reporting

Corrective actions records are essential for proving that your company is diligent in maintaining safety standards.

The Safework Advantage!

Provides thorough documentation of a problem and the resources and steps required for mitigation.

Identifies risk level and root causes so that it’s easier to implement the appropriate corrective action. ​

Categorizes corrective actions according to risk level and OSHA’s recommended hierarchy of controls ​

Offers quick reports that help supervisors identify patterns in safety issues or noncompliance and provide training and other initiatives as needed

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Corrective Action Management Tool

"I use to hate client safety audits until Safework Solutions showed up!"

"I use to hate client audits of our safety managmenet system and it took me weeks to prepare paper trials. Now I have access to all relevent safety data just one click away to show my customers."

Thanks Safework Solutions, great design!"

Steven L.

Corporate Safety Manager

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