Stop Work Authority Tracking Software

Safework Suite® Stop Work Authority (SWA) tool captures events in which unsafe conditions or behaviors were observed and a worker had to initiate a stop work order to correct the situation and prevent the occurrence of an incident. The SWA Tool provides a uniform process for sharing and communicating SWA efforts.

Key Features

  • Records SWA events, including worksite and location, activity, description, risk level, and corrective measures taken
  • Allows the upload of images to support the SWA event
  • Links SWA descriptions with corrective actions taken
  • View overall SWA counts and monitor percentage of high-risk behaviors.

SWA enables workers to look after their coworkers and prevent damage to property or the environment.

The Safework Advantage!

Provides simple documentation of conditions that caused the SWA and documents the resources and steps required for mitigation

Categorizes at-risk findings by barrier type (or reason why the behavior took place) ​

Allows you to record unsafe conditions that are associated with the unsafe behaviors, as needed

Enables employees to voice concerns without the fear of repercussions or retaliation by management.

Documents SWAs in order to share lessons learned, retain documentation of safety violations, and alert management to the underlying issues

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