Job Safety Analysis Software

Safework Suite® Job Safety Environment Analysis (JSEA/JSA) Manager provides a database for JSEA forms and recordkeeping. You can easily ensure you cover all safety aspects of a job by using the preformatted and printable JSEA templates that come with this tool.

Key Features

  • Supports regulatory requirements for routine safety checks, specifications, critical or dangerous work, standard operating procedures, & hazard communication.
  • Allows easy labeling of JSEA records, including hazard type, work activity, task code, risk level, and other description fields for easy reporting
  • Provides an easy-to-access, filterable, and exportable database of all JSEA records by workplace, persons involved, and date
  • Allows the upload of completed JSEA forms (digital or photo format) for recordkeeping

Available as a Stand-Alone Module


Everyone should be familiar with the JSEA process, including employees who perform the tasks, engineers/maintenance personnel, managers and supervisors, and safety personnel.

The Safework Advantage!

Ensures workers perform the job correctly and consistently without relying on memory

Reduces the chances for incidents or injuries through routine safety checks ​

Documents employee knowledge of job safety requirements. ​

Complies with regulations that require job safety analyses as part of a hazard assessment program

Gives statistical feedback to supervisors about JSEA usage for site safety monitoring

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Our JSEA Management Tool

From the Field Reports Directly to the JSA Program

"Before the Safework Suite® JSEA tool was used, it was difficult to manage compliance with our daily JSA requirements. Supervisors had to send JSA paperwork to the office where they were piled up on my desk awaiting manual processing. Now supervisors submit JSA via mobile devices from the field and software does all the trending and analysis of the JSA program."

Daniel Autin

HSE Manager Onshore Companies

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